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                digital photo frames

                Company Profile

                digital photo frames

                BMY ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. is a leading professional OEM/ODM Manufacture of digital consumer Electronic products in China.Our Main products include Digital Photo Frame, Advertising player 02Tablet PC, Power bank etc.Our Company covers the area of 3500sqare meters, located in BaoAn, ShenZhen,Above 100 workers and 8 engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the electronic field put all their hearts on the research and development new products.80% percent of our Staff Members have Bachelor`s degree and we are ready to offer the professional service to you.We mainly do OEM and ODM services for many famous brands and are cooperating with buyers in Top 10 DPF/Tablet pc Field in Europe,We have 10 production lines guarantee your fast delivery time requirements.We can meet the strict quality requirements of our customers. Most of our products can meet the standard certification all over the world, such as CE, Rohs, FCC, UL, SAA, PSE ,Eup, and so on.With above 10 years of R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing experience, we successfully sold our products to Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, Asia and so On. Our Strong R&D Team are ready to provide better products to meet more different customers` demands. With our principle of Customer First, Quality Best, and Service Fast, we will always keep on offering customers with our best service and more satisfaction.