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                Function introduction

                10.1 inch digital photo frame : 1024 x 600  or 1280*800IPS pixel (16:9) digital photo frame for an ultimate visual experience; 300cd/m2 Brightness; Play thousands of photos and videos in brilliant clarity in the same slideshow
                ENERGY-SAVING HU-MOTION SENSOR : Automatically turns the electronic photo frame on when you enter the room and off when you leave the room!
                EASY PLUG AND PLAY : It's as easy as plug and play! Just insert 

                Model: DPF-102M
                Screen size: 10.1  inch 
                Screen type: LCD 
                Screen resolution: 1024*600/1280*800 
                Frame material: Plastic 
                Aspect Ratio: 16:9 

                Function: Video ,Music, Picture, Calendar,Alarm Clock etc.

                Slideshow Image internal time: 5sec/15sec/30sec/1min/3min/off

                Photo playing: JPG,JPEG/Music playing: MP3,WMA./Photo with music playing. /Movie playing: MPEG1/2/4,AVI.
                Time/alarm/ calender function /Auto Power On/Off:  Yes 

                USB source:NAND/SD-MMC/MS/ALL
                Input/Output/Connectivity:- Power IN- SD/MMC/MS Card Slot- USB port-
                Power Source: Power Adapter
                Built-in stereo speakers: YES
                Optional Language: English,French,Spanish,German,Italian,Thai,Swedish,Japanese,Korean,Polski,Deutsch,Nederlands 

                Power rating: 5V1A 
                Accessories & Packaging

                1*Digital Photo frame 

                1*Power Adapter

                1* User Manual

                1*Remote Control


                Online Message