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                10" Smart Wi-Fi Photo Frame #WF105T

                10" Smart Wi-Fi Photo Frame  #WF105T

                Function introduction

                # Easy to use with touch screen
                Designed with 10 point touch panel, it’s easy for user to setup the frame and manage photos conveniently.
                # High Definition IPS Panel
                High definition with resolution 800X1280 IPS/16:10 panel shows bright photos from any viewing angle. Picture format supported: JPEG, BMP, PNG.
                Just put the photo frame with wifi(2.4GHZ) connected, then you can receive photos from all your friends and family members from anywhere in the world, and enjoy the moments as they happen.
                # Free app & Easy Share
                The free smart phone app (Frameo) is available for both Android and iOS for direct photo sharing. You just need download the app to your smart phone, pair your smart phone to the photo frame, then you can send one or multiple photos at a time to the frame anytime anywhere, no need creating an account, no need Facebook or email account, its so simple and easy!
                # Privacy & Safe
                Using Secure Device Grid (SDG) for encrypted safe end to end encrypted communication between our smart phone app and our  photo frame, it ensures that pictures are kept private and only decrypted and stored locally on the photo frame.
                #Upload & Backup & Restore Photos
                You can import photos from micro SD card(maximum 32G supported) or USB drive to the photo frame. You can also backup all your photos securely to a micro SD card thus you can restore all your photos in case the photo frame is reset.
                # Portrait & Landscape & Auto Rotation& Wall-mountable
                With a detachable solid rack as a frame stand, allowing you to view the photos in either portrait or landscape mode, and photos can automatically rotate. The frame can be mounted on the wall too.
                # Captions
                You can add captions/messages to the photo you want to send,which makes the photos more personal and funded with the product

                CPU:RK 3126C Quad-core Cortex-A7 up to 1.2GHz          
                RAM 512MB  Flash 8G  
                O.S. Android 6.0  
                LED Screen 10.1"  LCD IPS Screen  
                Resolution: 800*1280  
                Contrast: 1000:1  
                Brighless: 250cdm2  
                Touch screen: 10 point touch, support COB,COF  
                Ratio: 16:9  
                WiFi 802.11b/g/n  
                Support TF card, MAX 64GB   /  Micro USB*1  
                Video format: MPEG-1,MPEG-2,MPEG-4,H.263,H.264,VC1,RV etc.,support up to 1080p  
                Audio Format: MP3/WMA/AAC etc.  
                Photo Format: jpeg,jpg / Speaker: 2*2W  
                OSD Language Multi- language  
                Power Supply:   5V/2A    DC 4.0*1.7  
                Accessories & Packaging

                Online Message